Paola Pineda
CEO / Founder

“We provide our energetic and focused attention to each client to ensure that their experience will be amazing since the moment they depart”.

We have over 15 years in the hospitality industry. After working with different companies and traveling around the world we decided to open our travel concierge services. We will provide you with one to one assistance before and during your trip.

Also, our team will go above and beyond to provide you with an outstanding costumer service and saving you time when organising your trip, we will have communication with my clients at all times, guide you when making choices of what destination to go, and if there is any issue, we will be happy to help you making sure that our team exceed all of your expectations.

happy clients

I had the pleasure to work with Paola in multiple projects. She is an individual with superb work ethic and amazing organizational skills. Her commitment to the projects she manages is impeccable and her ability to work under pressure is one of her greatest assets. She is an organized goal oriented individual that I would highly recommend for leadership roles.


I just wanted to share how much I enjoy dealing with Paola Pineda. You have great people working to make business travel as painless as possible. She is customer focused, cheerful and always willing to help you find the best travel options. She has great follow up and always is armed with a “how might we” attitude.


Quiero agradecerle a usted y al personal por el gran servicio que recibimos durante nuestro congreso. Nuestros expositores, visitante y conferencista quedaron muy satisfechos con todos los servicios ofrecidos y del profesionalismo de su equipo.


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